ECOVAT is specialist in providing solutions in energy areas, implementing energy 
saving measures in existing installations which will ensure energy savings.

ECOVAT designs, builds and manages new renewable energy facilities, adapting them to existing installations or implementing them in new buildings.


ECOVAT propose to its customers energy savings and economical cost reduction, for example:

- By changing existing boilers for biomass ones.


- Changing HVAC systems for aerothermal or geothermal ones.


- ECOVAT proposes innovative and efficient solutions to reduce consumption of facilities, determining the feasibility of all measures.


ECOVAT headquarters are located next to Barcelona, and it's the energy division of ABM  (www.abmjg.com). We are also collaborators with  GEBIO JG (www.gebiojg.com), an ESCO company specialized in Biomass thermal facilities. This company arises from the union of GEBIO, leader company in Biomass facilities in Spain and JG ingenieros, leader engineery consultancy in building facilities in Spain.