Housing, Renewable energies

& Public Lighting

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ECOVAT is an engineering firm specialised in renewable energy projects and in engineering consultancy with one mission: to provide integrated engineering solutions in renewable energy plants and in  building facilities areas.


In energy area manages integrally renewable energy projects and assembled kits (solar photovoltaic & biomass & cogeneration). As well as designing energy efficiency projects in order to save electrical and thermal energy. 


In housing we design all facilities and we install as a turnkey project. We can also design and construct large houses with full home facility automation.


Since 2007 our philosophy is simple, we offer customised solutions for our clients, at the optimal cost. We are aware of what market demands and we fit final solutions to our customers needs in order to achieve targets in all projects.


To achieve this goal, we work as one team with our technological partners. That's why our customers have great advantages, they work with a solid team in assembled kits solutions. Because Ecovat drafts engineering projects and manufactures the heart of its energy plants.


ECOVAT is based next to Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain).


Biomass , PV solar energy, Thermal solar energy, Cogeneration , Aerothermal Energy , Renewable energy , passivhaus ,  Turnkey projects